Important Student Information

Student Guidelines and Information

NO sports balls are to be brought from home, including tennis balls.

Students you are NOT allowed to stay in your vehicles once you arrive on campus.You will have consequences.

Temporary IDs are due at the end of the day.  You will have lunch detention if you do not return them the day you check out the ID.

Bus notes must be turned in the high school office before 3rd hour.

Students that drive, there is now a line painted across the parking lot.  The East side of the orange line is for faculty and staff ONLY!  The west side and along the purple fence is for students.  Lunch detentions will be given for no pass and parking in the wrong area. 

Students if you leave campus without permission or return to campus without signing in, you will be suspended! You must be in FULL dress code if you return as a visitor.   You cannot leave campus for lunch.  There are to be NO lunch deliveries made by students.   All outside food must be brought to the high school office. 

Students blankets are NOT allowed under any circumstance!  Sweatpants, wind pants, or any form of pants being worn over the uniform shorts are not allowed once the morning bell rings.  

Students DO NOT park in front of the NO PARKING SIGNS!

Reminder, do NOT tape or glue advertisements, banners, or posters to the walls.   They can be placed on doors, or your bulletin boards. 

Students all solid colored yeti, yeti like cups, and bottles are prohibited.  You may only bring a clear water bottle.

We will continue selling parking passes at lunch and after school only.  You will need a copy of your DL, insurance card, registration and $10.  

The PBIS concession stand will not open until 10 minutes into lunch.  Jr High 10:56, & HS will be 11:40

Female students you may not have your shorts rolled.  If you are caught, you will have lunch detention.  This is a dress code violation.