The goal of education at South Beauregard High School is to provide each student with the tools which will enable the student to know and develop his/her interests and abilities, to refine his/her personality and to relate these to him/her to grow intellectually, physically, aesthetically, emotionally and morally.

While working in harmony with the home, church and other community agents in providing experiences for maximum growth and development of the individual, South Beauregard High School serves as a "center of learning". In this role, the school's program is dedicated to relating students, both academically and socially, to their present and future needs in an ever-changing society.

We believe the student should be recognized as a social being as well as an individual whose personal value creativity and self-discipline must be developed, who is unique and who should be encouraged to contribute in the continuing program of education. We strive to accomplish this by providing an extensive program, a broad and varied curriculum and a climate that is conductive to creative learning situations where the individual can explore and develop his/her abilities and talents under the auspices of a conscientious and well-trained staff.